I know that an Italian restaurant may not be the ideal place for a wedding reception, but I witnessed an event there with my own eyes. The reception was nice. It was small and intimate…the way I like it. My husband and I arrived at the restaurant and we were greeted by the staff who directed us to our banquet room. Once in the room, a wedding hostess showed us to our table and we chatted and listened to the jazzy music flowing throughout the venue.

Once everyone arrived, the event started with a prayerful blessing over the happy couple as well as the food. We were served a delicious family style meal with salad, appetizer, main course and dessert. My favs included the cheese ravioli, the lasagna, and cheesecake. I also would like to add that the chicken was quite tasty. There was a lot of food and I ate to my satisfaction.

I have to admit that the room was a bit small, but it was a nice space for entertaining. The only other minor complaint would be the parking. Parking is horrible at Perimeter Mall; however, valet parking is available for all mall guests. You are allowed bring in your own music if you like. There was a DJ at our event and people were able to dance and have a lot of fun.

As far as décor, there is no need for anything over the top because the restaurant is decorated nicely. The centerpieces consisted of tall vases filled with marbles and floating candles. Wedding favors and place cards were neatly positioned at each setting. Definitely use the space to your advantage and try not to overcrowd the table. Keep in mind that there will need to be enough room on the table for the food if you have chosen the family style meal.