I went to the hair show on Sunday to purchase some products for a friend. As I walked into the showroom the very first thing that caught my attention was this product called Nudred. With this system, you can twist your hair in less than five minutes (depending on hair length). The product is safe for babies because there is no pulling or pain involved. This definitely saves you time and money and you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out to use this product.

Photo courtesy of www.nudred.com
There were lot of things to see and vendors to visit at the show. Some of the vendors that I visited included Miss Jessie’s, Adiva (they have an awesome body polish), Jane Carter and Pro10.
Let me get back to Adiva. Their all-natural body polish makes your skin feel so soft and it smells really good. My friend and I sampled it at the show and we both loved it. Once you use it, you don’t even have to follow it up with lotion. This is a really great product line.
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