I was a huge fan of rhapsody and paid for their services monthly until I realized that I was wasting money. I liked the idea that I could listen to new releases the day that they came out – on rhapsody. I also had really nice play lists ready for entertaining. Being that I love music, I loved for people to come to my home and enjoy good music.

Now I use DADA for new releases and it’s just as amazing. They have all genres of music and I can listen for free. Yes, it’s free. I haven’t utilized all of the features and neither am I a member, but when I want to listen to music I go to Dada.


Listen to this New Gospel Release at DADA:

Smokie Norful – Justified – This cd is smokin hot!!!!!! Smokie Norful and team did a great job.

Let me know what you think about this new release.