What is an inspiration board? An inspiration board is a group of images that are put together to give a certain look or feel. It can be used for event planning, home decorating, fashion styling, hair styles, etc.

Often times when you are entertaining, you like to get a feel of the atmosphere or mood that you want to set. For wedding related events, take a look at some of these inspiration boards over at Snippet and Ink. Since it’s spring, let’s go with a picnic wedding theme. This could really be elegance on a budget after getting inspiration from some of these boards.

Pretty Pretty Picnic – laid back picnic wedding
East of Eden – Rustic and casual with oak, wheat and almond colors
Backyard Picnic – Bright and sunny with red and green
Waitin on a Sunny – warm and rustic
Summer Picnic – tangerine, yellow and lime green

make your own inspiration board – just click the link and the follow the online tutorial.