While talking with friends and co-workers it seems like there is a general consenus among men and women…..We are ready for FOOTBALL season!

It made me think about this past season when my wife and I had a Super Bowl party and wanted to wear jerseys during the game. After a few days of shopping around, I finally found a place to get jerseys for very cheap – EBAY. It is a great place to find real football jerseys for great prices. I have purchased several jerseys averaging between $30 and $40 including shipping.

Authentic jersey retail price: $259
Ebay Price: $40 avg.
I thought this would be a great gift for the dad, boyfriend, husband, etc. that might be a football fan. Now, you might not always be able to find his favorite team at a steal but you might be able to find just a great looking present for him to wear on a Sunday afternoon.

-I personally avoid sellers that are not located in the U.S. Shipping is a lot more expensive.
-Beware of the fakes. Read the description of the item very carefully. There are iron-on jerseys (replica). Then there are jerseys that have the number and logos sewn on (authentic).
-Look for sellers that have a high POSITIVE FEEDBACK RATING!(This is feedback from people that have purchased items from this seller) The lowest I normally go it is a 97%.
So have your PayPal accounts ready and happy bidding!
Photo courtesy of MLB Jersey