In my household we are slowly making changes to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Being green can help you save a little cash as well as save the environment. I am not sure how I got started on this, but in my home, we have very limited use of paper towels. One week we ran out of paper towels and I thought that there had to be another way to clean without using paper towels. I started collecting cloth dinner napkins from various thrift stores. I also bought micro-fiber towels for spills.

I still use paper towels in my guest bathroom and for draining fried foods but that is about it. So on average, I would say that I spend about $2 every 3-4 months on paper towels. After I stopped buying them for everyday use, I realized that we really don’t need them as much.

My way of going green may sound extreme to some, but it works for us. For something a little bit more simple, you can install LED light bulbs. These bulbs use a lot less electricity. You could also seal air leaks or start a garden. There are lots of easy things that you could do, but most importantly these things will save you money.