The Bert Show, on Atlanta radio station Q100, is trying to put the nickname “Hotlanta” to bed.  The show feels like the name is cheesy and old school. So they want Atlantans and local celebrities to tell others to stop using the term.

I personally don’t think that I have used the term Hotlanta, however, I don’t  believe that people from Atlanta actually say that.  It’s those that are not from the city that say Hotlanta. I don’t use any nickname for the city. When asked where I am from, I simply just say Atlanta.  Will I correct someone if they use a nickname?  Maybe, depending  on who it is. If the person is older, then probably not. But if a younger person says Hotlanta, I probably would correct them.

So what do you think about the Bert Show’s campaign?  Do you call Atlanta by a nickname (Hotlanta, The A, ATL)? Will you correct someone if they say Hotlanta or do you even care?

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