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The PeachPost catches up with local Atlanta area teen,  Madison Kilpatrick,  who pays it forward on her birthday.  She’s a very sweet young lady who gives us a great example of giving during this holiday season.

P: I hear that you have special plans for your birthday.  Tell us what you are doing.

MK: My special plan for my birthday is my using my birthday party as a way to help the less fortunate. Every guest invited to my birthday party is asked to bring a toy which will be donated to Toys for Tots instead of bringing a birthday gift. Its my 14th birthday and I figured I should do something different and since my birthday is around Christmas, there really wasn’t any better way to spread the holiday cheer.

P: How would you encourage your peers to give back during this holiday season?

MK: Me and my friends are very driven. Most of us are filling out Magnet (School) applications in hopes to increase our chances of getting into college. If you tell one of them that community service looks good on your college application, they’ll do it! A lot of them have done community service just for their application, and then they continued because they just enjoyed it.

P: What is the number one thing that you plan to do during holiday break?

MK: During holiday break, its really all about the family. Its when everyone gets along even for that short period of time, they gather together, and everyone is just so much happier. Its actually my favorite time of the year.

P: What is your favorite radio station?

MK: My favorite radio station is probably a tie between Star94 and Q100. They play the same general type of music, so I like both of them equally.

P: Where is your favorite place to shop?

MK: My favorite place to shop, hands down, would be American Eagle. They have the best clothes there!

P: If you could have one wish for your birthday, what would it be?

MK:  Honestly, if I could have one wish for my birthday I wish for the texting. I still don’t have it and I want it so bad! But if my mom doesn’t get it for me, I’m sure there is a reason.


Thanks Madison, for sharing with us.  We at The PeachPost wish you a very happy birthday.

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