I believe that I mentioned to you all that the hubs and I got a puppy just before Christmas.  I love my little Pooch, but I must admit that it has taken some time to get used to her.  I used to be terribly afraid of dogs – big or small so none of my friends can believe that I own one now.

 Penny is a  7-month old dachshund mix. She was adopted from the Atlanta Pet Rescue and came with all of her shots, a micro-chip and she was even spayed.  We are not sure what she’s mixed with, but doxie is definitely the dominant gene.  She is truly a wiener dog – long, floppy ears, stinky breath, etc. 

Penny loves to sit on a chair and look out the window while mommy and daddy are on the computer.  She is just as content as she wants to be.  Penny is quite the wanderer so we have to keep doors closed in our home.  Today we had to buy a baby gate to keep her away from certain areas of the house without supervision.

As you can see  I am clearly enjoying my furry child as I just sat here and wrote a whole post about her.  She gets a lot of love from her family and even our friends.  She likes visitors, maybe not other dogs, but human visitors are okay.

I look forward to giving you updates on our little pooch princess.