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Have you all seen the show, One Big Happy Family on TLC?  It’s a show that documents a weight loss journey of a family of four who all weigh between 300 – 400 pounds. 

Last night on the show,  the sweetest thing happened.  The husband and wife, Norris & Tamika,  celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary.  The husband, Norris,  decided to set up an actual proposal for his wife.  I mean the whole getting down on one knee, engagement ring, speech, etc. The reason that he wanted to propose was because Tamika initially proposed to him. 

Norris  wanted to make things right  on their 10th anniversary and give Tamika a well deserved proposal.  With assistance from his two teens, he picked out a ring and wrote a speech.  The whole thing was so cute, but what really got me, was how Norris was so nervous.  He tried to memorize his speech but it didn’t seem to work.  The kids were making noise and he wanted total silence so that he could concentrate on the proposal.

On proposal day, the teens along with their dad surprised Tameka with a visit at her job. The teens had prepared a nice poem for their mom and performed it for her.  Norris entered the room a few moments later with roses, candy and such.  Then he got down on one knee and said beautiful words from his heart.  It was sooooooo sweet.  Tameka was a lost for words and cried during Norris’ speech, but she finally said yes.


It’s never to late to create a moment for a loved one.  After ten years, this dude makes a way to propose to his wife.  How sweet is that? If you can create a special moment for someone  in your life, don’t hesitate to do it.  It would mean the world to them.