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Hey It’s Dustin.  I am writing a guest post for my sister as she is under the weather.


Atlanta Sports STAND UP!!!!!!!!

Let me first say I support all of the professional sport teams here in my native town Atlanta, GA.  As a sports fan I feel like we as a town need to support our teams a little more. As I read on different forums and blogs and listen to different sports radio stations I have noticed that we (Atlanta) have been dubbed a “bad sports town”. That’s mainly due to our fan support which is kind of sad. Although I will take into consideration that Atlanta and the metro area has a lot of transplant citizens with their loyalty being to another team but that should not be an excuse. 

After all these years of having bad teams we finally have multiple teams that are good and we should be supporting them. Now as an Atlanta Falcon’s fan the support there is still pretty strong but not as strong as when Michael Vick was still on the team but that’s another story within itself so I won’t go there

Ok so now let’s visit Hawks which is one the hottest teams in the league right now but when you see all the empty seats at the games one would think that they were the worst team. The only time you see Phillips arena filled is when the marquee players come in town like Lebron, Kobe, D. Wade and others. Why is it like that? It’s pretty much always been like that as far I remember.

Having said all that we’ve got to do better as sports fans because what would we really do if we didn’t have those teams?  Something to think about. 

 D Knox