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So I have been to lots of weddings – some near, some far.  There have been a few weddings where I have not taken a gift.  Why?  Well there are different reasons. 

  • If I sing at someone’s wedding and I do not charge them to sing, then I consider that as my gift to the couple.
  • If I am in the bridal party then I consider my participation in their wedding as my gift to the couple.  After all, you’ve already spent money on the dress/tux, hair and nails.  Not to mention you have probably spend money on the gift for the shower and/or bachelorette party expenses.
  • If I have traveled a long way to the wedding and spent lots of money in car rental, hotel room, food, etc. then I consider my presence as my gift to the couple.

Wedding etiquette says that you have a year to give a gift to the couple.  But what do you think?  Are there times when it’s perfectly okay to skip the gift?