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Lately I have really been focusing on building a nice shoe wardrobe.  I have nice shoes, but the one area that is lacking is the comfy work shoe department. I have to wear low heel comfy shoes because over the past year I have encountered some problems with one of my knees.  So I only wear high heel shoes on occasion.

Throughout the summer I wore shoes very similar to the ones below.  I found them for about $14 at the Nine West Outlet in Locust Grove. I tried to make these same shoes work for the fall and winter, but that didn’t always work out for me.  So I would wear lots of flats to work. 


Flats can be cute, but sometimes they just kill an outfit (especially business attire).  You can wear an outfit with flats and it just looks okay, but throw a pair of heels on and you’ve just made your outfit haute.

In the past few days I have taken the time to really shop for some nice comfy low heel shoes that I can wear to work.  So my next attempt at comfy work shoes will be the Nine West Purpose. They are cute and the heel is only 2″.  Did I mention that they only cost $23?

I really like Nine West in case you didn’t notice.  I believe that a majority of my shoes are from this brand.  I also like Naturalizer and Aerosoles.  They usually have a quite a few stylish picks. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing lower heels especially if you are having problems wearing high heels. You don’t have to sacrifice style if your great looking shoes are hurting you.  The transition can be very easy and here  are some great tips follow.  

Oh by the way, I bought these 3.5″ heels for occasion.  LOL