How often do we show our friends how much we adore them?  Do you ever let them know that they make your life awesome?  I heard someone say that you never need an excuse to show your friends some love.  So with that said, let this Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter be a time to tell your friends, “Thanks”.

What can we do for our friends for Valentine’s Day?

  • Have a girl’s outing – go the movies, the spa, out to eat, etc.
  • Have a movie marathon – invite the girls over and spend the evening watching movies, eating junk food and catching up.
  • Handwrite a letter to your friends highlighting their best qualities, talents and strengths
  • Call your friends for no reason at all
  • Send them a card in the mail.  People still like to get mail.
  • Invite them to church.  Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year (2/14/10).  That invite doesn’t just have to be on the holiday. Remind your friends about the love of the God.