The first Valentine’s Day that me and my hubby shared together was in 2006.  We had just started dating and he planned a nice a evening that included Valentine’s at The High Museum of Art.  It was a great date, but it was very crowded and the line was super long.  In 2007,  we went out for Chinese early in the evening trying our best to avoid the crowds.  In 2008, we ordered in so that we could avoid the crowds.  In 2009, we thought that we would avoid crowds by going to breakfast and the place was packed. 

So this year my hubby wanted to narrow down ideas that he had for Valentine’s.  He gave me a couple of choices – fancy or casual?  I immediately went for casual.  Why? To avoid the crowds.  We sat and reminisced on all the Valentine’s Days that we spent together and realized that we don’t like going out on Valentine’s.  

On this Valentine’s Day I am sure that our plans will include doing something very low-key.  As far gifts, we always get each other a little something. So I definitely look forward to that but I also look forward to sleeping in and spending the day with my hubby.

What experiences have you had with going out on Valentine’s Day?