This weekend was great.  It was busy but we had an awesome time. So here are the bits and pieces from my weekend. By the way, we had really nice weather and it was a first for us in a while.  Last weekend it snowed.

  • Friday – Alvin Ailey show with co-workers.  Lunch was at Einsteins with my girl, Shay. Sidenote: Thanks to Staples for the recommendation.  The food there is delish!!!  I stopped by to see my precious little Lexi (my friend’s baby) but she had a host of guests so Auntie  Aarika kept it moving.
  • Friday Night – Wings and redbox movie.  The movie was Madea Goes to Jail and it was not that good.
  • Saturday – I hung out with my hubby.  I wanted to eat outside so we chose Fellini’s and I went to Nordstrom to try on  these shoes (surprisingly comfy) so that I could buy them for sale online.  I procrastinated and they sold out. Marshall’s was on the list of places to go, so we stopped there and I picked up some new pillows.  Another thing that I can check off my list. We went to see our couple friend’s new baby, Little Warren, who is too cute.  Congrats Warrens!!!!
  • Saturday Night  – We were named Godparents for my cousin’s son whom we affectionately call Izzy.  We were so honored!
  • Sunday – We went to church, J put some food on the grill, I let the pup play outside and oh what a lovely day!!