I have to admit that I have changed a few things in my list.  As I got started, I felt as if I didn’t challenge myself enough or that some things we were not doable.  But as of today, here are the things that I have accomplished.

  • I had my old bills shredded at the CBS Great Shred Event on 2/6/10
  • I purchased an all-weather coat/trench coat on 2/22/10.  I can’t say that I am totally pleased with the purchased, but I did it.

Reoccurring Things

  • Take a pic each week (2/132) – this is not going so well, because we forget to do it.
  • Surprise hubby with Just Because gifts at least once a quarter (1/8) – I bought him a casual winter cap.
  • Call my grandmothers at least every other month (1/16) – I spoke to my Father’s mother.  She was really surprised.  My mother’s mother has been unavailable.  I am not sure if there is something wrong with my phone or not.  Everyone else seems to get in touch in with her. LOL
  • Try a new recipe once a month (1/33) – this month I made a recipe thta include a mix of collard greens, black-eyed peas and rotel tomatoes.  It was quite tasty. the only thing that missing was a little cornbread.
  • Comment on two new blogs per week for 2 months (8/16)
    • I Am Style-ish
    • Newlyweds and Nesting
    • Start-Up Wife
    • Whittaker Woman
    • Kelly’s Korner
    • Somewhere in Middle America
    • Good Finking
    • In No Simple Language
  • Do a monthly update of 101 things on blog (1/33) – if you are reading this, then I have made my update.
  • Wash the car or have it washed at least every other month (1/16) – J washed the car for me this past Sunday.

Things in Progress

  • Buy new pillows and pillow protectors – the pillow are bought, but I haven’t found pillow protectors for a reasonable price.
  • Record an EP and/or Demo – writing songs and looking for music.
  • Self-promote my music – I’ve got someone proofreading it for me.
  • Have Praise & Worship Night at least 4 times (0/4) – my first praise and worship night will happen in July 2010.