I can proudly say that I can check another thing off of my list as I have just accepted a new job.  God is soooooooooo good!!! I will still be working for the same company but I will be working in a different department.

The reason that I say that this is a testimony is because I have seriously been looking  for a job within my company for about two years.  Within that two years, I had friends at work who found new jobs and they started looking well after my search began.  I would apply and apply and apply and get nothing.  I applied for about thirty jobs and received only three interviews within a two year time frame.

God favored me in His timing.  He let one hiring manager see the best in me and select me as his new employee.  I am so grateful to God.  Just last week people that I didn’t even know as well as people around me were telling the stories of their new jobs.  I was wondering when it would be my turn.  But God says it’s my turn and my time. 


I encourage you to tell others about the things that God is doing your life.  Did you know that your testimonies have power?  We defeat the devil when we honor God with our testimonies.  Also, we may even lead others to Christ by telling our stories. 

If you would like to tell your story, simply put it in the comment section below.  Also, you are always welcome to email me at peachpost (at) gmail (dot) com.