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Have you all seen the new NBC  TV show series, The Marriage Ref ? Basically it’s a show that features real life couples who have been having an on-going fight about something. 

A  few weeks ago on the show, there was a couple that argued about the husband being a metrosexual.  A metrosexual is basically a man that cares a lot about his appearance.  This man liked to be pampered with manicures and pedicures, eyebrow waxing, tanning and he even wears lip gloss. 

I have heard of men doing the mani/pedi thing.  But I thought it was a little weird to see this guy enjoying other girly things?  I guess it’s okay if it’s not over the top.   I don’t know.  Some men like bubble baths or are really into fashion.  But when is it too much? What is acceptable and what is not?  Most women like the “manly man.”  But at that same time we want a little sensitivity.

How do you all feel about guys doing girly things? What girly thing have you seen guys do?