EH asked:  I am thinking about starting a blog and I wanted to know how to go about doing that.  Who did you use?  Is it user-friendly?  How much does it cost?

PeachPost Answer:  I started off using blogger.  It was super easy and I had no problems using it. I chose blogger at that time because it was pretty popular and I knew others that used it.  After using it consistently for about a year, I decided that I would make the switch to wordpress.  I felt that wordpress had a more professional look and that I knew enough about computers to navigate it.  It seems a little more complicated to use, but I’ve had no major problems.

As far as costs, both blogger and wordpress are free when you are not using a domain name.  I would recommend that beginning bloggers with very little knowledge of the internet or computers start out with blogger.  Maybe later you could switch to WordPress. Switching blog publishers is very simple to do, but that is another subject.

I wish you well on your new blog!!!!!


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