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I will get straight to the point.  I like the idea of having edible favors.  Why?  Because it’s something that will be used.  A lot of guests will even eat edible favors before the reception begins.

I’ve seen favor boxes filled with mints, chocolates, gum, etc. I think that all of those are great ideas.  My friend, CM, is using pralines as a wedding favor.  It’s a New Orleans classic and she’s a New Orleans native so it has meaning and it’s personal to the bride.  Most of all, pralines are edible.

I have a friend who was married some years ago.  She mentioned that her wedding favors were pics of her and husband.   A few years later she was talking to someone that attended her wedding.  The wedding guest told her that she had been cleaning and came across the pic of my friend and her husband and wanted to give it back. Pretty cold, huh? With that in mind, I have a come up with a few tips on how to choose your wedding favors.

Tips on choosing your favors:

  • Decide on a favor that has some meaning for you.
  • Try to choose something that you think a majority of your guests will like.
  • Pick something that you wouldn’t mind owning. A lot of guests don’t even take their favors.
  • Don’t spend too much money on it.
  • Make sure that it is something that you wouldn’t mind seeing in the trash.

Favor Ideas:

  • Candy, Cookie and Dessert Buffets work well too.  You can lay out a whole spread of treats and let your guests have at it.
  • Photobooth Pics – Photobooths are fun and relatively easy to set up.  For this, a photo printer is key so that guests can take their pics home.  Their photo can serve as their favor.
  • Matchbooks – I know that they are old school, but everyone could use matches.
  • Pens – I love to get pens at weddings.  It immediately goes into my purse and I use it until I lose it.


What do you think are good wedding favors?

What favors did you use at your wedding?