I don’t have any stories about my own wedding ring, but I know of a couple of stories from others.  Let me preface this first one by saying that my mom is probably not going to like this one as it’s about her.  But it’s harmless.

  • My mom’s wedding set was nice.  It seemed to be a simple white gold solitaire with a matching a band.  After about 35 years of marriage, she lost it.  She lost her original ring.
  • My husband’s co-worker got married about two years ago and his wedding band never fit right.  It was slightly large and he never bothered having it resized.  The ring fell off and of course when he noticed it, he paniced.  After about an hour of searching after work, he found it near an elevator entrance.


I want to hear your wedding ring stories. 

 Have you or your spouse lost a wedding ring?

Did your wedding ring get too small when you got pregnant?  Did you temporarily replace it?