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In honor of my new job, I am choosing a few work appropriate pieces to share with you. I am not sure how often it will be or how long it will last.  All I know is that my work attire attire has to be dressier and I love looking at new things to add to my wardrobe.  Without further ado, I present to you, “Corporate  Chic”.



This Large Calf Kristen tote would be a great bag to carry to work.  It’s huge, you can dress it up or down.  It’s big enough to hold your laptop, makeup pouch and a few other necessities.  I have to admit that I’ve been looking at this bag for a while now.  With the affordable price, it may be worth the purchase.

Where to Buy: Dooney

Price: $245

**Macy’s online always has great sales on Dooney Bags.  The featured bag is not on sale, but they have a good selection and low prices for the Mother’s Day Sale.  Also, shipping is free for this event.