I found a couple of useful money saving tips while browsing the web:

  • Clean out your closet every month – designate a section of your closet for clothes that you don’t wear frequently.  If an item stays in that section for more than 60 days and it is in season, then take it to a consignment shop or sell it on E-Bay. If the item is not good enough to be sold, then put it in your Goodwill stash.  Use the money that you get from the clothing sale and put it into a savings account – from Mrs. Newlywed.
  • Another suggestion is to have a shopping fund.  Use a separate bank account for your fund and put a set dollar amount into it everytime you get paid.  Never touch the account until you have enough  money to buy your desired item. The key here is to not spend the money a on a monthly basis.  You really want to use this account for big ticket items – from Tiffany at I Am Style-ish