• Grey’s Anatomy was so good last night.  It was funny that as soon as I saw the disgruntled husband in the hospital, I knew he was the shooter.
  • I really had to thank God yesterday for allowing me avoid an accident.  The car was only  inches away from mine and I thanked God and the angels for protecting me.
  • Have I mentioned how much I am ready for vacation?  Every morning I want to sleep in longer and longer.  Today was no exception.
  • Doesn’t it make you feel good when you meet a nice person?  I met a director on my floor who is really cool. We sat in his office and talked for about an hour. I don’t think that I have ever talked to a senior leader at my job for that long.
  • So I went to Ross the other day and there was this dress there that I really thought that I wanted. Two days later I went back to the store and I bought the dress.  I got the dress home and tried it on and I didn’t like so much.  Bottom line = I should have tried that dress on before I left the store.
  • I go in Marshall’s I see a pair of shoes for $34.99.  I go in TJ Maxx and see the same pair of shoes for $34.99.  But I go in Ross and see the exact same pair of shoes for $21.99.  There’s something wrong with that.