Scenario 1:

I am headed to the studio this evening. I blocked my time and made all the necessary arrangements early in the week. Excitement has just been building and building as the days go by. I went and bought a special flash drive to store all of my music so that there wouldn’t be any problems when I get to the studio tonight.

My plan is to go to the studio after I get off work tonight. I’ll have my music on my flash drive ready to give to the sound engineer.

*Bomb drops*

Yeah, I got to work this morning and realized that my flash drive was not in my purse. So I am thinking, omg, I have to go back home during lunch. Mind you, I work about 45 minutes from my house. It doesn’t make that much sense to go all of the way back home. I have a practice cd in the car with all of the songs that I plan to record. There are a couple of songs in the car that are not fully tracked out, but I don’t have to record those, right??

New Plan: Take my practice cd and trust that God will work it out.

Scenario 2:

I planned to talk to someone who could help me with a situation.    I go to their door, it’s cracked, they have no visitors.  I knock on the door.

Me: You got a minute?

Them: Uh…I’m slammed today. I’m covering for this person and I’ve got several documents to go through.

Me: Oh it’s okay.

Them: What do you need?

Me: It’s no big deal really.

Them: Can I get with you next week?

Me: I’m out next week.

Them: Well I am up to here to with stuff to do today.

Me: No problem.

Them: (Gets up to close door completely)

I am smiling the whole time, but on the inside, my little feelings were crushed because I thought that I could talk to this person today. The thing that needed to talk about is a pretty big deal to me. I’ve been trying to talk to them to since yesterday. Maybe it’s not the person that I need to speak with.  Maybe it was wrong timing. I don’t know. 


I’m getting over being slightly bummed and putting that smiley face back on.

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