My husband and I led a Bible study class a few weeks ago and we got into a pretty good discussion.  One of our students talked about how people don’t realize that they can come to God as they are.  I’ve talked to a lot of people about God and being saved.  They usually will respond by telling me that they are not ready to be saved. Some will say that they have done too many things for God to forgive them.

God will forgive you for whatever you have done.  No sin is too great for God’s forgiveness.  A lot of unbelievers tend to think that they have to go cold turkey from whatever they are doing for God to accept them.  If you come to God, in whatever state that you are in, with a willing heart, then God will welcome you as his own.

How do you explain to others that they can come to God just as they are? Why do you think that people have a hard time grasping the “Just As I Am” concept?