This month my husband will be ordained as a deacon in our church.  I knew that there were qualifications for deacons, but I didn’t know that I had responsibilities as a deacon’s wife.  The Bible specifically spells out the role of a deacon’s wife.

Here is what it says in 1st Timothy 3:11 as interpreted by the First Baptist Church of Atlanta.

  • A deacon’s wife should be reverent. This means that the wife will support her husband as he serves as a deacon and her life demonstrates self-respect in her conduct.
  • A deacon’s wife should be responsible. A deacon’s wife will not be a slanderer of others or misuse her tongue in any way.
  • A deacon’s wife should be reasonable. A deacon’s wife will exercise self-control in every area of her life, and take seriously her role as the wife of a deacon.
  • A deacon’s wife should be reliable. This means that a deacon’s wife will be faithful in all things.
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