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Warning:  This post may be a little heavy

I was in Hawaii, getting ready to start my work day and I get a call.  On the other end was my lead telling me that my co-worker, Joe, had a heart attack.  My lead proceeds to tell me that I need to find one of our  company leaders and ensure that Joe’s wife is notified.

I contacted the company leader, met him in the hotel lobby along with another co-worker.  We divided up responsibilities and what was my task?  To call the hospital for Joe’s status.  I called the hospital very optimistic because I just knew that Joe was fine and everything would be alright.  But it wasn’t.  In a round-about way the hospital let me know that Joe had died.  And I, of all people, had to be the one to pass on that message to the rest of my team.

At that moment all I could think about was whether or not I had the right information.  I replayed what I said to the person on the other end of the line. Did I give them the right name?  I couldn’t help but to check myself because I couldn’t believe that he was dead.

I got off the phone with the hospital and with watery eyes, let my co-workers know that Jim was gone.  We had lost a really good man. A man that looked healthy and was very physically active.   A man that had just been working out in the fitness center with my husband that morning.  A man that suffered a heart attack as he was on his way out to meet a co-worker for breakfast.

After calling the hospital and waiting with my coworkers to see what happens next, I called my mother and asked her to pray. I needed to hear words of faith.  My whole team needed God right at that very moment.

I couldn’t imagine anything like that ever happening to me.  But I thank God for salvation.  I thank him for his grace and mercy that has brought me through and carried me through so many situations.

I pray that Joe’s soul is in heaven.  May God give perfect peace to his wife two daughters, all of his family, friends and those that knew him.


Have you ever experienced an emergency situation involving a co-worker? How did you handle it?