It’s a new season literally, here on The PeachPost. I have been thinking about changing the focus of my blog for quite some time now.  I would like to keep a good blend of lifestyle, gospel music and some Atlanta stuff. I like filling you in on my life, but that wasn’t the intent of The PeachPost.  I want to go back to doing things like I used to do it, back in the day.

Over the past year, I used a lot of things to fill space on the site until I figured out a more permanent way to transition.  But I really want the blog  focus more on others, Godly living and gospel music.  The web address will stay the same  but the content will be a little different. The blog will still be me, just another part of me.  I hope that you all stick around for the new things.

Here is a  look at some of the features that you may see in the revamp:

  • Styles and Trends – keeping you up to date in fashion and beauty
  • Link of the Week – interesting websites that I may come across during the week
  • Good News – so many times in the news we hear bad stories, so I wanted to talk about good things that are happening
  • In the World – Taking things that happen in the world and using the Word of God to show you how you can handle the situation
  • Song I Like – self explanatory; I will post links to tunes that move me
  • Godly Girl/Godly Woman – highlighting everyday Christian women
  • Sunday Morning Worship – This is where you tell me about the songs that blessed you on Sunday Morning
  • God Is Working Through… – highlighting various people in ministry
  • Covered/Uncovered – every now and then I come across a good song that has been covered by other artist.  Most of the time we don’t even know it
  • Pieces of Me – random stuff written about me, conversations that I’ve had and things that I was thinking, etc.