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I can’t tell you how many I hear the statement, “You need to get your name out there.”  Turns out, I am not the only one.  Here is a short version of a blog entry from Independent  Neo Soul Gospel Artist, Sean Johnson .

  •  A co-worker tells him that his music is awesome and that he should be “bigger” than what he is.
  • Sean humbly says, thanks and that he still has room for growth
  • Coworker disagrees, says, “Bump that! Your music is just as good as anything out right now.”
  • Sean tells the coworker that he is doing all that he can to get his name out there.
  • People tell Sean all of the time that he should get his music out there
  • Sean is like, “What do you think that I have been doing for the past five years?”

People think that is sooooooooooooo easy to put yourself out there.  It’s easier than it was in the past, but it still takes a lot of work. Promoting yourself as an artist is your job all of the time. I enjoy it, but am I really doing all that I can?  I try my best to stay abreast of the trends and latest and greatest promotion ideas, but it takes work. 

So here is what you can do to help independent artist.  Tell everybody you know about their music whether you think that they may like it or not. I’ve heard stories about children and older folks jamming to my song,  “Magnify.” If you got a free download, tweet about it, text it, post it on Facebook.  Send out blast emails telling everyone about the artist. Encourage them to purchase tracks or legally download so that the artist can get credit.  These are things that help make an artist bigger. People like personal testimonies, so if you are sharing good things about an artist’s music, then they will do the same.

How do you help artists promote their music?