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I love using Google Reader. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s like an online database that stores all of your favorite websites, blogs, etc. Instead of you going to each individual website, you just log in to your Google Reader and you can see all of your favorite places online. My subscriptions equal to just over 400. I know that’s a lot and honestly I don’t read all of those sites. It just so happens that I use my Google Reader for more than just my favorites. I just grab the link to any site that I like and put it in the line up.

While browsing around there today, I wanted to figure out the sites that I read the most. I think that it shows a nice mix of my interests: pop culture, gospel music and lifestyle blogs. Here are my top 10 subscriptions:

  1. People.com Latest News (The who, what, when and where for Celebrities)
  2. Essence Magazine (Catered to the African American women – black celeb news, other news, recipes, hair stuff, etc)
  3. 1800 Gospel (pretty much anything you want to know or need to know news in the gospel music industry)
  4. Gospel Pundit (music reviews, music news, thought provoking questions, etc)
  5. DIY Musician (offers great do-it-yourself advice for the independent musician)
  6. M-Brio Music (free music downloads, intros to new gospel artists in the US and Europe)
  7. An Atlanta Bride  aka From Marriage to Motherhood (awesome lifestyle blog about a new wife who became a new mommy all in a year)
  8. MicControl (advice and tips for music artists)
  9. Sweeping Through Life  (lifestyle blog about a newlywed who shares cute stories about her marriage)
  10. Shavar Ross (former child star turned blogger who gives us all of the celebrity happenings)

Check out some of these sites and more importantly go to www.google.com/reader and set up your Google Reader.  It will save you so much time.


What are you currently reading online?