I straight up snagged this idea from blogger Rachel at In No Simple Language.

I liked this idea and decided to make my own post. The funny part is that I read Rachel’s list and found a couple of things on there that I do as well.  Here is my list:

Things Aarika really likes, but probably shouldn’t

1. Hot Tamales – My husband says that I am a connoisseur, it’s bad, I know.  If it’s in a box, then I shake the boxes to make sure that the candy isn’t sticking to the box. If the box is in a bag,  I have to feel the candy before the I buy it to make sure that it’s not hard.

2. When the boss is away – come on, who doesn’t love that.  I don’t care how cool they are.

3. The Bert Show – I really should give it up, I stopped listening to it for a while, but I am back on it.

4. Buying things just because it’s on sale – this had made me accumulate tons of things in my closet.  I promise that I am doing better, but I still do it from time to time.

5. CocaCola – Straight up!!!  My husband and my friends hate that I drink it, but I still do.  I am really making an effort to cut back.

6. Anything cheesy for breakfast- Cheezits,  Cheetos, cheese crackers, etc.

7. Looking at other women’s rings – it could be engagement, wedding, right hand, whatever.  I’m always scoping them out.

8. Subscribing to tons of magazines and reading only half of them. We have enough stuff in the house. I am actively working on this one.

I am sure there are others, but these are the ones that I could immediately think about.  What things are  you loving that you shouldn’t? Or what bad habits or guilty pleasures are you hanging on to?