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As we all know, there are no limits to choose what to give or not to give on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Days does not have to be limited to the little things.  You could even use this holiday to get him what you didn’t give  him for Christmas.

Honestly the key to buying anyone a gift is to listen to clues about what they want.  This could be a variety of things like  a book, a shirt, a cd, a magazine, a tool, etc.  If you have to get the chocolates or something sweet, get fancy with it and get a good chocolate like Godiva or Ghirardelli.  Some couples just like to spend time with each other.  So check out the special events that are going on your city and set up your date.

You could also spruce up the bedroom with nice sheets, rose petals and candles along with your box of chocolates.

Other Ideas

  • Couples Massage
  • Inside Picnic
  • Dinner in Bed & a Romantic Movie
  • Magazine Subscription
  • Ticket to a sporting event
  • Chocolates
  • Cologne
  • Grooming Products
  • Watch
  • Casual Pair of Shoes
  • New Polo Style Shirt
  • Cookie Cake
  • Sephora Men’s Fragrance Sampler
  • Goodie bag of things that he may need