Welcome to this summer’s edition of The PeachPost!!! LOL. It feels like I this blog is seasonal some times as I have missed all of the spring. So what have I been doing?

  • I went on  a business trip for about 9 days (Good Times)
  • I got an iPhone
  • Pondered on the direction of the blog
  • Thinking it will definitely include more music
  • spent some time in the studio
  • working with a musician on a few songs
  • downloading lots of apps (I’ll have to do a post on my favs)
  • Went on another business trip
  • I’ve been writing music… mainly Christian Contempary
  • discovered Ben & Jerry’s chocolate brownie fudge ice cream
  • enjoying the voice memo feature on my iPhone to record my new songs
  • helped my mom with her graduation celebration (so proud of her)
  • planned a family weekend getaway (you know – mom, dad, brother & J)
  • making draft posts for site

It feels good to be back.  I hope that you enjoy the new posts.