I’ve gotten rough drafts back from the pianist that I am working with.  I love the melodies that he put to my songs.  This whole process is amazing. Everytime I get something back, I am even more excited to get into the studio.

I really wanted to share a lesson learned from working with musicians.  I sent the pianist a song using the voice memo on my iPhone.  The quality on those things is great.  But anyway, the pianist created a slow melody to a song that I meant to be more mid-tempo.  After listening back to my voice memo recording, I realize how he could have done that. 

In the future, I will be sure to note how I want the tempo of the song to be.  Not that this caused a problem, but it definitely could have saved some time…for both of us. The funny thing is that the song wasn’t slow in head, but I can’t expect people to read my mind. LOL