I have noticed on social media that a lot of Christians are sharing their wrong doings.  I’ve seen them post pictures of the beer that they had with dinner.  I’ve seen others curse.  I have seen many talk favorably about the worldly music that they listen to.  I am sure that there are other things, but it seems like it is being broadcasted now. Is it that people were always doing it and now because of twitter and facebook  it’s easier for it to come to light?

I am a little baffled, because I remember when we (Christians) didn’t do stuff like this.  Now that people are talking about the things that they do wrong, others are saying, “I am glad that you mentioned that because I do it too.”  It goes from the person being ashamed of what they’ve done to being happy that they know someone else that does it too.

I am not judging anyone, I am just confused by the actions of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.