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I have been working with two amazing pianists on a few songs that I am super excited about. I decided to do acoustic versions so that I can put something out for you all sooner than later.  Also, this having musicians is soooo much better than using a beat. When you use beats, others can use those beats, but when you have musicians that can do your melodies, then it’s great.  There’s nothing like having your own stuff!!  So here are a few blurbs about the songs that I am working on:

  • She Prays – a song about the things that a wife can pray for husband. while she is praying for him, she is doing him some good. It’s a good thing to pray for anybody, the Bible tells us to pray for one another.  as a wife it’s powerful and life-changing to pray for your husband
  • I Mean a Lot – a song that focuses on us being who we are because of God.  we are beautiful, we are worthy, we are amazing because of God.  No matter what people may tell us or what they think, we know that God thinks very highly of us and we mean a lot to him
  • The Right Way – a song about doing things the right way when you go through something. we should be giving him praise no matter what because he promised to give us victory over our enemies. proclaim God’s name and do things the right way
  • The Heart – a song about protecting your heart from all the bad things of the world. it’s about getting rid of negativity and focusing on what God says.  the heart is a special place for God, it’s where he can get to us the most.  even when the circumstances are not in your favor, a clean heart will be focused on God and waiting patiently on the things of God 

So these are the songs that I plan to record soon.  Not sure when you all will hear them, but please know that I am not just simply singing.  I am writing, recording and such. 🙂