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  • Nobody Greater by Vashawn Mitchell
  • I Give Myself Away by  William McDowell

Let me just say that I loved both of these songs well before they became popular.  I hear them on the radio or on my iPod a lot, but I don’t skip over them, because they are great songs. 

“Nobody Greater” was introduced to me by a friend and actually I don’t think that Vashawn Mitchell had even released his version.   The song had been made popular by praise teams all over the country, clapping their hands and singing in unison.  The song was, in a sense, re-made by Vashawn Mitchell.  He  slowed it down, added a few lines and produced a great piece of music. It’s a an awesome song that I loved then, and still love now.

I found “I Give Myself Away” on a blog and immediately sent it to my mom because I knew that she would love it.  Truth be told, the song became very instrumental in her daily worship. I purchased William McDowell’s cd and I was amazed at all of the pure worship that came out of it. On the cd, he pairs “I Give Myself Away” with “Here I Am to Worship”.  It’s such an amazing combination.  I loved it then and I still love it now.

Can you all think of any songs that are overplayed, but you still love them?