@sidneymohede – I would rather my worship be without words than my my words be without worship

@leadingislife – worship is not something you do with just your mouth; you do it with your life

@violet_lilly7 – can’t help but worship out loud

@OhMyAndrea – worship music at work sometimes make me too emotional…

@youreashy – my mom is really having praise and worship in this car…uh, you need me to drive…

@shepherdess33 – worship is more than playing slow music…

@youthpastorm – it was worship that changed my life

@seth_ennis – worship should be an overflow of your heart for the Lord

@mdrau – being challenged to worship, pray and seek him in the bad times. it’s easy when things are good

@itsthegee – i just love my daily dosage of #worship music.  I love giving God the praise he deserves