AarikaMusic is having a comment contest!!!

Do you like my music?
Do you like the way that that I sing?
Do you want to hear more of my music?

Then I need your comments on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube. Tell the world in a just a few sentences what you like about my music. The idea is that as people stumble upon my music, they can read your positive reviews and buy it.

Each time you leave a comment (starting today through 17 June, 11:59pm), you are entered to win a $50 Visa gift card.

The winner will be announced by their iTunes, YouTube or Amazon username on 18 June. Check back to see if you won.

For questions, email me at aarikamusic[at]gmail[dot]com

Note: you must have an account on the sites before posting

For Amazon: click here and go to review this item or customer review.

For YouTube: enter aarikamusic in the search box and write a comment on any video where i am singing

For iTunes: From your iPhone or iPad, go to iTunes, search for Aarika Radcliffe, go to album, tap post to write a comment