I recently had an opportunity to actually work with a writer on a new music track.   The writer is a musician and he played for me at a friend’s wedding a few years ago. He later reached out to me and he explained his vision.  We had a couple of meetings, I learned his song and last weekend I recorded it.

Most of the songs that I record are either written or arranged by me so this was a new experience.  I had to do things the writer’s way.  His vision was for me to not only sing the song, but to include exhortation. I’ve done this at church, but I’ve never recorded it.  On this project, I had to depend totally on God.  I had to study the song and find the scripture that it referenced.  I had to feel this song and make it personal to me.

The song comes from Psalms 118:15 where it says “Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous”.   As I looked at the entire chapter of Psalms 118,  I felt that this song meant to rejoice and be glad in God because he has already won the victory for us.  In your situation, you can already celebrate by faith and sing songs of joy to God because of who He is.

This song is different than anything that I have recorded, but I loved the challenge.  Stay tuned and hopefully I can let you hear a snippet of my new song, “Shouts of Joy”.