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Linda Clark is a rising gospel artist and originally from Detroit, Michigan. With two fairly new releases,  she has been working hard to promote her music.  I immediately liked Linda’s version of the “The Christmas Song” and wanted to share her music with you all.  Most importantly, I had the opportunity to catch up with her to see what she is up to for the holidays.  Check out our interview below:

The PeachPost – What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Linda Clark – Finishing 2013 with a bang! These are exciting times and it’s been a busy and rewarding year! With the release of my New Beginnings as well as the release of the Christmas with Linda Clark EP, I have spent my time by getting the world to know who Linda Clark is! Concerts and appearances on the East coast is where it’s been happening.  I hope to spread the love even more in the year to come!  

The PeachPost – Tell us more about your Christmas release

Linda Clark – I’m an old head and absolutely love Donnie Hathaway’s music. Everybody loves the feel the joy that “This Christmas” brings when played. I wanted to be a part of that. The jazzy singer in me wanted to put a spin on “Chestnuts” aka “The Christmas Song”. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t sing something referring to the true and most important reason we celebrate…Jesus, in “Oh Holy Night”.

The PeachPost – If we were spending Christmas Day with you, what would your day entail? 

Linda Clark – For starters, since the children are a little older, no one should be getting up before 9am! LOL.. I’ll get up first and prepare breakfast. Once everyone is up, we’ll gather around the Christmas tree and open gifts; we told the story of Jesus and select one gift to open on Christmas eve. We take pictures, call other family members, clean up wrapping paper al while Christmas music is serenading in the background. The rest of the day is eating, watching movies, sleeping and starting all over again.

The PeachPost -What is on your wish list for Christmas? 

Linda Clark – hmmm, I never tell anyone what I “want for Christmas”; BUT I may get a spa treatment, some jewelry or a designer bag.

The PeachPost -Where can we find more of your music? 

Linda Clark – Website: http://www.lindaclarkmusic.com, All Social Media @lindaclarkmusic

Thanks to Linda Clark and her team for stopping by The PeachPost.  Please take a moment to listen to “The Christmas Song” by Linda Clark.