This newlywed shares her love story and her thoughts on transitioning from background vocalist to solo artist.

I met my husband… In 2008.  We were both a part of five days of rehearsal and a live recording in Houston, Texas. We never spoke one on one nor became interested in dating each other until late 2011. Our relationship evolved naturally! Last March, Jeremiah was probably sweating bullets as he prepared to ask my father for my hand in marriage on my birthday, March 5th.  After he consented, Jeremiah went ahead to ask me to marry him at one of our favorite outdoor parks here in Houston.

Our wedding day… Came quickly!  We both traveled quite a bit last year with work and ministry so we planned over the phone and via the internet a lot. We drove from Texas to Georgia a few days before, “I Do,” to be married north of Atlanta in Norcross. I prayed the entire way!! I was nervous, but with each other and our family, friends there to support us, overcoming wasn’t such hard task at all. The day, the actually wedding day was very peaceful.  We married outside in a circle ceremony at Flint Hill.  So far, and until the day that 8x8x8 is 4 (from Stevie Wonder’s hit, “As”), our prayers are carrying us through and into many more blissful days together! I love that guy!!

My experience as a music artist is unique because… I often reference the music process to the stages of pregnancy!! I’ve never been  pregnant (lol), but seriously!! I treat each lyric, each vocal session, each transition or project as like an infant (or fetus depending on the stage! lol). If it’s just me or a collective of passionate artists, I tread lightly and remain open to God to help care for what’s being created in hopes that it grows the way it was intended to grow. HaHa! Those are really my thoughts each time and I just LOVE the process. As I’ve been a part of New Breed, I may yell out, literally, my gratitude and excitement about the process during rehearsal.

And on my EP, Starting the Soundtrack… I love music and singing. I’ve realized the thing that inspires me most is the lyrical content. I love to really feel the music AS WELL AS capture the mind with meaning behind melodies.  So with the EP, I wanted to make certain musically it felt great, but I also wanted to solidly yet briefly form the message I’m sending for others to be moved by; the message of Courage and Love.

What’s next… Since the April 1st release of the single, “Give A Little Love,” I’ve had opportunities to share it, and a few others from the full album, at different venues here in Houston.  Over the summer, I will do a tour with great excitement as to who it will reach and how it will positively affect those who may not know God. A few of the places have open discussion right in the middle of singing.  I think those moments will make great impact and tie in well with the songs.

The album is projected to be released Fall 2014.  It’s actually completed already!! The process has been a slow and steady one, but I’m so happy I get to share what God has placed in my heart for others.  I pray it’s well received, this music baby of mine:)


Krystle’s new single “Give a Little Love” is now available on iTunes.  You can also download her EP here.